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This cartridge, created by FN Herstal in the late 1990s, is frequently used in pistols, carbines, and submachine guns. This round’s tiny size and rapid velocity are intended to penetrate body armor more effectively. It has been popular for self-defense, hunting, and target shooting since the early 1990s.


The 5.7×28 Ammunition was created to replace the 9X19mm Parabellum load and was first intended for use in the FN P90 and FN Five-seveN handgun. NATO sought a bullet to pierce body armor with superior accuracy, range, and terminal performance than the 9×19 mm round. FN created the 5.7×28 to pierce body armor and other defensive barriers in response to NATO’s requirement. The 5.7×28 load was put to the test, and it easily penetrated a level IIIA vest at 200 meters, passing the body armor test. The bullet’s ricochet form design reduces the potential for damage at impact/target, reducing waste.

Moreover, this round was created as a personal defense round for military and law enforcement officers. The French military approved the cartridge in 2001 after testing the prototype in 1998. Since then, it has been used by several different forces worldwide.


  1. Case type; Rebated rim, bottleneck
  2. Case length; 28.90 mm
  3. Case capacity; 0.90 cm3
  4. Overall length; 40.50 mm
  5. Bullet diameter; 5.70 mm
  6. Base diameter; 7.95 mm
  7. Shoulder diameter; 9.95 mm
  8. Land diameter; 5.53 mm
  9. Neck diameter; 6.38 mm
  10. Rim thickness; 1.14 mm
  11. Rim diameter; 7.80 mm
  12. Primer type; Boxer Small Rifle
  13. Rifling twist; 1- 20
  14. Max pressure (SAAMI); 50,038 psi


5.7×28 Ammunition comes in various forms, such as FMJ (full metal jacket), soft-point, and hollow-point. Law enforcement and the military mostly employ the 5.7×28 load, which FN Herstal produces;

  • For target shooting, FMJ ammo is the best in this series
  • For hunting, soft-point ammo is ideal because of its higher accuracy and improved terminal ballistics;
  • The hollow-point bullet is advised for self-defense as it was created for more stopping force and better expansion.


The two 5.7×28 bullet types made by FN for use by law enforcement and the military are as follows:

  • The lead-free cartridge SS195LF
  • SS197R: Fiocchi produces this particular bullet type under FN Herstal’s license. A 40-grain Hornady V-Max bullet is used in this load.

Some small businesses make the 5.7×28 Ammunition in addition to FN Herstal, although they are less well known because they have yet to have the same commercial influence as FN.



Because of its flat trajectory, this round is excellent for self-defense, target shooting, and close-range hunting of smaller wildlife. Body armor and protective barriers are easily penetrated by it due to its great penetrating capability. Because of its low muzzle and recoil, even inexperienced shooters may rapidly get used to it and find it comfortable to manage.


Due to the 5.7×28’s great penetrating power on the target, it is highly suggested that you utilize it when you need to defend yourself from attacks.

WHAT USES 5.7×28 Ammunition

Guns that shoot 5.7×28 Ammunition are produced by several companies, including FN Herstal, Beretta, and CZ. The FN Five-seveN pistol is the most often used weapon that utilizes this Ammunition. It is a well-liked semi-automatic pistol for self-defense and target practice.

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